ACT Aspire Summative Assessments

ACT® Aspire® Summative testing is available to administer for the 2020-2021 academic year.  If you are enrolled and impacted by COVID-19 we invite you to discuss your available options for ACT Aspire in an online or blended learning environment, email or call us 888.826.1956Access our FAQs for further answers

Summative Assessments

ACT Aspire offers a system of aligned summative assessments that can be implemented at a state, district or school level.

Proven Implementations
Significant to potential state adopters, our solution is already in use with successful implementations involving hundreds of thousands of students per administration. Numerous states have launched inquiries about selecting ACT Aspire as their own state assessment platform, so your interest and inquiry enjoys good company.

Essential to any state adoption, our summative solution provides year-to-year sustainability.Partner ACT conducts ongoing research and validation of the system to reflect changes in college and career readiness standards.Partner Pearson conducts parallel ongoing efforts to provide the latest in technical administration, scoring and reporting protocols.The commitment to year-to-year sustainability is solid and assured with ACT Aspire.

ACT Aspire covers 5 content areas:

  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Direct writing at all grades.

This provides educators with actionable insights that reflect a broader and more relevant picture of the learner.

Instructional Relevance
To best determine the amount of time your learners need to spend on assessment, we identify the most instructionally relevant level of measurement for each element of our assessment system. For a summative assessment, this is the cluster level of reporting. Domain and cluster level reporting gives educators invaluable insights into student progress, and also informs ACT Aspire’s predictive capacity. Such reporting helps educators craft an overall program of instruction in 5 content areas.

As an additional and essential component of a full solution, ACT Aspire also offers Periodic Assessments. These are short assessments that are:

  • Crafted to monitor student progress throughout the year
  • Intended as companion tests that complement the Summative component by providing a snapshot of achievement as they progress throughout the school year.

As such, ACT Aspire Periodic assessments may be optionally acquired as part of a state-wide adoption, a district or even a school implementation.

Summative Timing in Minutes

Grade English Math Reading Science Writing
3 40 65 65 60 45
4 40 65 65 60 45
5 40 65 65 60 45
6 40 75 65 60 40
7 40 75 65 60 40
8 40 75 65 60 40
Early HS 45 75 65 60 40

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