Level 4 Applied Technology

Your industrial services company has been hired to deliver a small but heavy gearbox. The container is too small to justify renting a large truck and too heavy for the company's pickup truck. You decide to rent a heavy-duty utility trailer and pull it with the pickup truck.


Why this is a Level 4 item:
  • Examinees must use the principles of leverage and understand the interaction of forces on the tongue of the trailer.
  • The problem involves two simple systems (the truck and the trailer) working together to create a moderately complex system.
  • Examinees must apply basic principles (of mechanics) that may not be obvious.
  • Examinees must understand the operation of a moderately complex system.
  • Examinees must identify the best solution after eliminating other possibilities.
  1. 2.

    At which spot, labeled 1–5, on the trailer shown should you place the container to pull the load most easily and safely?

    Individual Question