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Automobile manufacturer uses ACT WorkKeys as a human resources tool to reduce training costs and improve efficiency.


Tuscaloosa, AL




Auto Manufacturing


Finding the right employee for the right job can be challenging. In West Alabama, Mercedes-Benz hiring professionals experience this reality every time they review all 700 applicants for 60 positions in their mechatronics and automotive technician apprenticeship programs. A lot rides on Mercedes-Benz finding the right person, which is why the company relies on ACT® WorkKeys®.

Although robots do a lot of the heavy lifting, having skilled workers is pivotal to Mercedes-Benz’s success in manufacturing 300,000 cars every year. Through a partnership with AlabamaWorks!, WorkKeys gave Mercedes-Benz key insights into which candidates were right for each role. Ever since implementing WorkKeys in their human resources process, efficiency has been driven up and training have been driven down.

“In the next couple years, we’re going to have 6,000 jobs in this region alone. That’s
why WorkKeys is an important component in what we’re doing.”

Donny Jones, Executive Director, AlabamaWorks!

Mercedes-Benz Uses WorkKeys to Reduce Training Costs and Improve Efficiency  


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