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Stay current on what's next for the ACT

Stay current on
What's Next for the ACT

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

. . . without the need for radical change

At ACT, we apply innovation at a responsible pace, always keeping our clients in mind.

As we enhance and improve the ACT®, our approach:

  • keeps the ACT consistently relevant
  • ensures we are meeting the needs of the people we serve
  • continually strengthens the research that makes the ACT so effective
  • eliminates the need for radical change

We know the ACT has significant impact on people’s lives. Because of this, we work hard to avoid unnecessary risks that might come with large-scale changes or total product reinvention. We conduct ongoing research to inform the content of the ACT and we continually improve usability with the reporting, methods, and technology most needed—and most requested—by our clients.

Stay current with what’s next for the ACT. This site is designed to provide ongoing details about enhancements to the ACT. Sign up to receive periodic updates.

Recently released report: ACT's The Condition of STEM 2015

November 12, 2015

Relatively few STEM-interested students are well prepared to succeed in college STEM courses, according to The Condition of STEM 2015, released this month by ACT.


Recently released white paper: How ACT Assessments Align with State College and Career Readiness Standards

August 20, 2015

Scott Montgomery, Vice President of Policy, Advocacy, and Government Relations
Sara Clough, Assistant Vice President, Assessment Design

Download this article in PDF (4 pages)

State policymakers often ask if ACT assessments like ACT Aspire® and the ACT® test "align with the Common Core."


The 2015–2016 ACT Sample Score Report

May 18, 2015

ACT previously announced enhancements to the ACT® test beginning in September 2015 that include modifications to the writing test and the inclusion of new readiness scores and indicators. These enhancements will require minor modification to the ACT score reports. The 2015–2016 sample score reports are now available. Click on the images below to view larger.

The ACT Student Score Report

Sample ACT Student Score Report

The ACT High School Score Report

Sample ACT High School Score Report

The ACT College Score Report

Sample ACT College Score Report


Why Scores on the ACT Are Scores You Can Trust

March 19, 2015

Wayne Camara, Senior Vice President, Research
Deborah Harris, Chief Research Scientist

Why Scores on the ACT Test Are Scores You Can Trust

Download this article in PDF (4 pages)

Score scales are what we use to report test scores earned by individual students as well as groups of students. The score scale is also what allows test takers, educators, colleges and scholarship agencies to interpret and make informed use of scores. When a new test is introduced, it can take years for users to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of what the scores mean in terms of student achievement—what a student with a given score can and can’t do. And if the score scale is not stable, users may never be able to understand what scores mean.


ACT Announces New Initiatives to Help Improve College Access, Increase Opportunities for Underserved Students

December 18, 2014

ACT announced three new initiatives designed to help improve college access and increase opportunities for underrepresented students, including low-income students, ethnic minorities and first-generation college students. Read the News Release

Details of Enhanced ACT Writing Test Announced

By Steve Kappler, Interim Vice President, Marketing and Communications

October 13, 2014

As announced earlier this summer, we are providing additional information on the enhancements to the design of the writing test that will be introduced in fall 2015. The changes to the writing test, as with all of our solutions, are driven by research and evidence. These modifications are the result of a decade of unique insight and experience, and are reflective of our commitment to continuous improvement. The ACT writing test will continue to give all students the opportunity to demonstrate their readiness to meet the writing demands of college and career.

While the current ACT writing test is an exercise in classic persuasion, the enhanced writing test will present students with a rhetorical purpose that is more broadly argumentative. It is designed to better measure students’ ability to evaluate multiple perspectives on a complex issue and to generate an argument based on reasoning, knowledge, and experience. In this way, the enhanced test enables students to more fully demonstrate the writing skills and abilities they will need in college and the workforce.


The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2014

August 20, 2014

Each year, ACT provides an analysis of the college and career readiness of US high school graduates. Our newest report, The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2014, was just released today.

More than 1.84 million 2014 graduates—a record 57 percent of the national graduating class—took the ACT. This is a 3 percent increase from 2013 (despite a smaller total number of U.S. graduates nationally) and an 18 percent increase compared to 2010. This was the 10th consecutive year that the number of ACT-tested graduates reached a new record total.

View the national report and/or key findings for your state.


Tools for an Intuitive Online Testing Experience

July 31, 2014

One of the exciting enhancements coming to the ACT® is the option for students to test via computer. A variety of tools and features are available to make online testing an intuitive experience. These include:


A look ahead at the ACT:


New Readiness Indicators

The familiar 1-to-36 scores used on the ACT will not change. However, starting in fall 2015, students who take the ACT test also will receive new readiness scores and indicators designed to show performance and preparedness in areas important to success after high school.


Online Administration


Enhancements to the Design of the ACT Writing Test


New Reporting Categories


Stay current with what’s next for the ACT. This site is designed to provide ongoing details about enhancements to the ACT. Sign up to receive periodic updates.