Meet Our Experts

ACT Research

The ACT Research team is comprised of a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, offering a wide spectrum of knowledge in support of our high-quality, high-impact products and services. Our mission-driven team provides policymakers, educators, parents, and learners with research-based insights to inform their decisions. We deliver educators and workforce development professionals with tools and services needed for exploring and navigating education and career pathways.

Jeff Allen, PhD

Jeff Allen is a statistician in Applied Research. He specializes in longitudinal research of educational outcomes, student growth models, and validation of college readiness measures.

Cristina Anguiano-Carrasco, PhD

Cristina Anguiano-Carrasco is a research scientist in the Center for Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning (SEAL). Her research focusses on the measurement, assessment development, and associated response biases of Social and Emotional skills.

Ann Arthur, PhD

Ann Arthur is a psychometrician in Research and Psychometrics. Her research interests include mode comparability, process data, and latent variable models.

Lori Beckermann, MBA

Lori Beckermann is part of the Research Administrative team and works in Agile and project management.

Becky Bobek, PhD

Becky L. Bobek is a principal research scientist specializing in how people navigate their education and career transitions successfully.  With an applied research and practitioner background, she has extensive experience focusing on the factors and processes contributing to informed education and career decision-making and planning. Her experience has also included leading the development of frameworks, assessments and curriculum related to education and career planning, academic and career counseling, career development training, and building tools that help individuals with the navigation process.

Brad Bolender, MS

Brad Bolender is a principal content systems analyst on the Automated Content Generation team. His research interests include using natural language processing and machine learning to streamline the test development pipeline. 

Jeremy Burrus, PhD

Jeremy Burrus is the Senior Director of ACT’s Center for Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning (SEALs). His main research interests are in developing innovative assessments of social and emotional learning skills, developing and studying curricula and interventions to improve social and emotional skills, and cognitive biases. 

Alex Casillas, PhD

Alex Casillas is a Principal Research Psychologist in ACT’s Center for Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning specializing in assessment design, behavioral predictors of performance and persistence in education and work settings, and implementation of SEL programming. His research increasingly focuses on helping historically underrepresented populations achieve more equitable outcomes in education and at work.

YoungWoo Cho, PhD

YoungWoo Cho is a lead psychometrician in Research and Psychometrics at ACT specializing in scaling, equating, IRT, and classical test theory.

Carla Caro, MA

Carla Caro is a Program Director with the Credentialing and Career Services team. She works with licensure and voluntary certification organizations across a range of profession, providing strategic guidance and credentialing-related research, and has special interest in microcredentialing.

Jeff Conway, PhD

Jeff Conway is an Industrial/Organizational psychologist who studies the validity and efficacy of ACT's workforce assessments.

Ty Cruce, PhD

Ty Cruce is a principal research scientist in Applied Research, where he provides research and evaluation support for ACT products, services, and initiatives.

Nola Daley, PhD

Nola Daley is a Research Scientist in ACT’s Center for Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning. Her background is in Cognitive Psychology and her research focuses on examining techniques and instructional materials to support effective and efficient student learning.

Sandy Greenberg, PhD

Sandy Greenberg is Vice President for the Credentialing and Career Services team. She works with organizations who wish to recognize the competence, knowledge, and skills of students, employees, and professionals. She is interested in facilitating the transition of practitioners across a career lifespan in any profession or industry.

Cathi Grobe

Samuel Haring, PhD

Samuel Haring is a senior research scientist at ACT specializing in automated test assembly, computerized adaptive testing, and supporting state services. 

Yi He, PhD

Yi He is a senior psychometrician in Research and Psychometrics. Her research interests include computerized adaptive testing, and test equating and scaling.

Dianne Henderson, PhD

Dianne Henderson joined ACT in May 2019 and leads the Psychometric Research and Assessment Transformation team in CORE Operations.  She has extensive experience creating innovative solutions for educational assessment and measurement, including formative, interim, and summative assessments with expertise in test design, IRT, CAT, AI, and technology in education,  equating, test scoring and reporting.  Dr. Henderson earned her PhD in educational psychology from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada and continues to be active in ATP, AERA, and NCME.  She has previously held positions at CTB/McGraw-Hill, ETS, ProExam, and Renaissance Learning.

Cindy Hill, PhD

Cindy Hill is a Principal Industrial/Organizational Psychologist at ACT and has been a major contributor to ACT’s WorkKeys system. Dr. Hill conducts validation studies for the development and review of tests for hiring, certification and licensure.  This includes job analysis, the development of test content outlines, national surveys, data analysis, item writing and review, standard setting, and validating the test scores of off-the-shelf and company-specific tests. Her recent research has explored the alignment and “stacking” of credentials.

Chi-Yu Huang, PhD

Chi-Yu Huang is a lead psychometrician in Applied Research at ACT, Inc. She has extensive experience in operational psychometric procedures for licensure and certification examinations, computerized-based testing, and data forensics analyses.

Yuchi Huang, PhD

Yuchi Huang is a senior research scientist on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at ACT Inc. Prior to joining the team, Yuchi was a natural language processing (NLP) research scientist at Educational Testing Service. He earned his PhD in computer science from Rutgers University.  At ACT, Yuchi spearheads research on the use of machine learning/deep learning models in education research. His current areas of interest include automatic generation of multimodal educational resources, multimodal analytics for measurement of complex skills and competencies, and automatic photorealistic avatars generation for human-agent interaction.

NooRee Huh, PhD

NooRee Huh is a senior psychometrician with extensive experience and expertise in designing, planning, organizing, leading, and conducting, various psychometric analyses that include interpretating and summarizing the analyses’ outputs and their implications. NooRee’s research interests and work history include test security, equating and scaling, item calibration, concordance, norming, test motivation, and computer adaptive testing. In addition to her doctorate in Educational Measurement and Statistics, NooRee earned a master’s degree in Educational Psychology with a specialization in counseling.

Bingnan Jiang, PhD

Bingnan Jiang is a Senior Research Scientist - Operations Research at ACT. He is focused on the research of adaptive assessment, automated test assembly, and business process optimizations. In addition, he works on software development to build assessment platforms in production and release open-source packages for the research of computerized adaptive testing.

Shalini Kapoor, PhD

Shalini Kapoor is a senior psychometrician at ACT. Her research interests include mode comparability, equating, automated test assembly, computerized adaptive testing, and practical issues related to measurement.

Doug Kim

Dongmei Li, PhD

Dongmei Li is a lead psychometrician at ACT specializing in scaling, equating, and growth modeling.

Xin Li, PhD

Xin Li is a lead psychometrician in Research and Psychometrics. Her research interests include computer adaptive testing, statistical modeling, and practical issues in testing. 

Ian MacMillan, PhD

Ian MacMillan is a systems analyst in the Automated Content Generation group at ACT. His research interests include automatic item generation, data visualization, and natural language processing.

Jill McVey, PhD

Jill McVey is a research scientist in ACT's Center for Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning. She has a background in education and enjoys applied research related to social and emotional learning.

Rick Meisner, MS

Rick Meisner is a Principal Content Systems Analyst in the Automated Content Generation group. He has been with ACT for 33 years, and has six granted patents in areas including automated item generation and automated essay scoring.

Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller is the Senior Administrative Support Specialist for the Research team.

Joann Moore, PhD

Joann Moore is a senior research scientist in Applied Research act ACT specializing in prediction of secondary and postsecondary outcomes from academic and non-cognitive factors.

Patricia Muenzen, PhD

Patricia (Pat) Muenzen is a Director with the Credentialing and Career Services team. She conducts research to support professional workforce career development, professional licensure and certification programs, and has special expertise in practice analysis and competency profile development. 

Dana Murano, PhD

Dana Murano is a Research Scientist in ACT's Center for Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning. Her background is in Educational Psychology and her research focuses primarily on the development and assessment of social and emotional skills in students.

Sungjin Nam, PhD

Sungjin Nam is a research scientist in Applied Research at ACT.  His research focuses on understanding and supporting students with behavioral and linguistic data. He has expertise in applied machine learning and natural language processing.

Carol Ogletree

Carol Ogletree is a Senior Industrial/Organizational Psychologist who leads and collaborates on consulting projects for external clients to guide them in their implementation of workforce products. She facilitates workshops to teach clients how to implement the job/curriculum/occupational profiling component of ACT’s WorkKeys® system, and mentors them through their subsequent consulting engagements. She monitors and performs quality control on incoming client job analysis data and plays an integral role in developing and maintaining ACT’s proprietary job analysis software. She also works with external clients to complete practice analysis studies to develop or update their test content outlines.

Helen Palmer, PhD

Helen Palmer is director of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at ACT. Her work involves a variety of issues related to the use of assessments in the workplace.

Edgar Sanchez, PhD

Edgar Sanchez is a lead research scientist in Applied Research at ACT. He specialized in quasiexperimental design usage and predictive modeling  in support of ACT's test preparation programs.

Bob Sanders, MBA

Bob Sanders is a Director of Research Resources. He has experience in education assessment operations and education technology solutions, and is known for championing new ideas and initiatives while ensuring the customer journey consistently reflects the utmost standards of service and quality. Bob is Co-Inventor of a US Patent for a system and method for automated evaluation system routing, combining best practices of human and automated scoring processes. 

Jeff Schiel, PhD

Jeff Schiel, a lead research scientist on ACT’s applied research team, specializes in the design and methodology of surveys and survey sampling. He has held several positions at ACT, one of which was director of survey research. Prior to that, he led survey-related work at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Joyce Z. Schnieders, PhD

Joyce Z. Schnieders is a research scientist in Applied Research. Her research interests include K-Postsecondary students' learning experiences and education/career navigation experiences.

Bob Schwartz, PhD

Bob Schwartz is a Director of Research Resourses. He is a psychometrician with experience supporting all aspects of assessment programs.

MinJeong Shin, PhD

MinJeong Shin is a lead psychometrician at ACT. Her research interest includes practical measurement issues in K-12 standardized assessments.

Jeffrey Steedle, PhD

Jeffrey Steedle is a lead psychometrician directing the team responsible for statistical analyses for the ACT test and guiding research studies related to maintaining measurement quality while making changes to the assessment program. Jeff holds advanced degrees in education, statistics, and educational psychology, and his research interests include assessment validation, psychometrics, and motivation on achievement tests.

Kristin Stoeffler

Kristin Lansing-Stoeffler is a Senior Learning Solutions Designer in ACT’s Center for Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning. Her background is in student engagement and the innovative measurement of 21st century skills including Creative Thinking, Collaborative Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and ICT.

Eric Vincent

Eric Vincent is Program Director of Credentialing and Career Services. He develops tests that provide professional and career credentials and meet accreditation requirements. 

Ann Wang, PhD

Ann Wang is a senior psychometrician in Psychometric Research. Her research interests include computer adaptive testing and practical issues in testing.

Hongling Wang, PhD

Hongling Wang is a senior psychometrician in Research and Psychometrics.  He is the architect of ACT's data forensics system for Test Security.  He designed different procedures for detection of possible test collusions in examinee level, test center level, and cross-test center level.

Shichao Wang, PhD

Shichao Wang is a psychometrician in the Assessment Transformation department specializing in test equating and scaling and supports for automatic test assembly.

Jason Way, PhD

Jason Way is a research psychologist in the Center for Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning. He researches behavioral and psychosocial skills, including their relevance to important academic and work outcomes.

Scott Wood, PhD

Scott Wood is a Lead Research Scientist at ACT, specializing in automated essay scoring and automated constructed response scoring. He has conducted research on the CRASE+ automated scoring engine and has overseen operational automated scoring on summative, formative, practice, and research assessments for over 10 years.