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ACT recognizes the value of partnerships in research and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with academic and industry organizations nationally and internationally to promote education and workforce success.

Predicting College Sucess of English Learners

In the fall of 2017, ACT began providing testing supports (or accommodations) to English Learners (ELs) in the US taking the ACT ®, including translated test instructions, word-to-word bilingual dictionaries, small group testing, and extra time. These supports allow students with limited English proficiency to more accurately demonstrate their true achievement level. The purpose of this study is to provide evidence that these supports result in scores that can accurately predict ELs’ success in first-year college courses as measured by first-year college GPA.

Benefits of the Partnership

Participating institutions will receive an aggregate report of the multi-institutional results, as well as a summary of findings for your institution. We will also be offering a webinar to present the study findings to participating institutions.

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National ACT College Success Research Partnership

Join ACT® and other postsecondary institutions in participating in the National ACT College Success Research Partnership. The goal is to collaborate on a broad agenda of research related to student success and the use of ACT Data.

Possible areas of research include:

  • Evaluating relationships between college readiness indicators and college success
  • Exploring a holistic view of student readiness that leads to college success
  • Examing pre-college factors related to college success for special populations of students
  • Determinig information that is useful for identifying at-risk students

Benefits of the Partnership

  • Receive selected free institution-specific reports
  • Receive matched ACT and local college outcomes data
  • Receive aggregate reports and conference presentation materials from the study
  • Participate in free ACT webinars
  • Co-present at conferences 

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ACT WorkKeys/NCRC Efficacy Study

Learn more about how ACT WorkKeys® scores relate to grades, program completion, productivity, job performance rating, and more.

Participating institutions will receive free analyses of relevant outcomes.

For adults in the workforce, this could include:

  • Time-to-employment, retention, wages
  • Training time and success
  • Supervisor ratings
  • Productivity and customer satisfaction

For high school, college, or career training program sudents, this could include:

  • Courses taken, course grades, high school GPA
  • Program enrollment and completion
  • Attendance
  • Disciplinary incidents
  • AP/IB/Honors and Career and Technical Education courses taken and grades

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Research for Mission-Driven Innovation (RMDI) 

Research for Mission-Driven Innovation (RMDI) is a new program for making more explicit connections between important customer needs and scientific inquiries at ACT Research. RMDI is funded by Research discretionary funds.

The goal of RMDI is for every funded project to:

  1. address the intersection of an important customer need and an important research question and to
  2. be executed by an interdisciplinary team in order to generate more ideas, increase relevance, and accelerate innovation and transformation.

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