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Use the interactive tools below, which are intended to answer questions and provide meaningful insights to help students, parents, educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders make informed decisions and improve education and career outcomes.

College Readiness

US High School Graduating Class Data

This tool expands upon (or replaces in some instances) our annual state and national ACT Profile and ACT Condition of College and Career Readiness reports. The tool, which contains data for ACT-tested high school graduating seniors from 2010 through 2019—more than 18 million students—allows users to quickly view state and national trends across multiple dimensions and outcomes.


ACT Superscore Database

This database provides the counts, percentages, cumulative counts, and cumulative percentages for the full ACT Composite score distribution based on three scoring methods: most recent score, highest score from a single test attempt, and superscore based on the highest subject test scores across all test attempts. Such information can help stakeholders understand how many more students might earn scores at or above a specific ACT score given the change to superscoring. This information may be helpful to states and higher education institutions that have policies in place whereby students automatically qualify for merit aid and/or college admission if their ACT Composite score meets a minimum threshold. The database currently contains information for the ACT-tested high school graduating class of 2019. Users can view the data nationally or by US state.

Career Pathway & Industry Readiness

Career Pathway Readiness

Navigating the landscape of career exploration can be daunting, especially for high school students or adult learners who know what skills they have, but may not know how those skills relate to various career paths. Use this dashboard to navigate career opportunities, including future job openings and salary information, alongside the benchmarks for each of the top occupation openings.

Industry Readiness

This dashboard is designed to assist economic and workforce developers as they analyze the foundational skills in demand across major industry sectors and allows them to explore readiness benchmarks by industry sector. Occupational education requirements and earnings trends are provided to show the relationship between education, skills, and wages.

Higher Education

Enrollment Management Databases

Explore ACT data using interactive databases designed to inform higher education recruitment, enrollment, and success strategies:

  • Enrollment Management
  • Ten-Year Trends
  • College Completion
  • Interstate College Student Migration



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