Services and Resources

ACT Research

In addition to providing high-quality, research-based insights, ACT Research offers a suite of services designed to provide educators and workforce development professionals with tools, data, and services needed to make strategic educational and career navigation decisions.

Research Services

Free services to assist postsecondary institutions with planning and enrollment management decisions

Credentialing Advisory Services

Provides strategies to ensure that the workforce programs you develop will help achieve your goals

Assessment Tools

An automated scoring solution that provides rapid and high-quality scores for millions of student essays and constructed responses every year

Job Profiling

Job profiles identify skill levels required for an occupation across jobs, companies, or industries, and can be used for instructional standards and curriculum.

ACT Growth Modeling Resources

Growth modeling resources can be used to help to monitor progress of students/schools and describe how well a student performed relative to peers with similar score histories.

Data and Visualization

Leveraging solid research, thoughtful strategy, decades of experience, and trusted partnerships to develop and achieve program and organization goals.

Request Data

As part of our mission to help people achieve education and workplace success, we may share ACT data with select third parties.  If you have a data need that is both consistent with our mission and our Privacy Policy, please follow the link below. We will review your request, then contact you to discuss what options might be available.