Fit Assessment

Sample Items from the Fit Assessment

Work Values Inventory

Indicate how important each of the following work values is to you. 
Choose your answer from the scale below.

NI – Not important at all
SI – Slightly important
I  – Important
VI – Very important
EI – Extremely important

Work Values   NI SI I VI EI
Authority Telling people what to do; controlling the behavior of others.          
Helping People Improving the lives of others by activities such as teaching, physically assisting, or mentoring.          
Creativity Creating something new or finding new ways of doing things; original thinking.          
Order Putting things in order for others; using a system or rules to arrange things.          
Physical Activity Moving around in my work by walking, bending, lifting, etc.          
Interest Inventory

Indicate how much you would like doing each of the activities listed below.
Consider whether you would like or dislike an activity, not whether you have the ability to do it.

For each activity, choose one of the answers below.

D – if you would Dislike doing this activity
I – if you are Indifferent (don't care one way or the other)
L – if you would Like doing this activity

Activities D I L
Calculate the interest on a loan      
Demonstrate a new product      
Inspect products for defects      
Plan work for other people      
Study the effects of vitamins on animals      
Help someone make an important decision      
Prepare charts or graphs      

Fit Employer Report