Test Administration Process Next Steps

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Step 1: Orientation - Learn about test formats and policies; select test dates and provide shipping information; select test staff and set up accounts.

Step 2: Configuration - verify enrollment for test materials.

Step 3: Accommodation - Learn about accessibility supports; request accommodations and/or supports; request qualified exceptions to the deadline.

Step 4: Preparation -  Order test materials; complete non-test activities; provide examinees test prep information; prepare your facility, staff, and materials; update examinee information.

Step 5: Administration - Administer the test.

Step 6: Transportation: Return test materials..

Step 7: Interpretation - Access and understand score reports; share reporting information with examinees.

Important Dates

Your Schedule of Events (coming soon) contains all dates and deadlines for your test event. Check it frequently to ensure you're on track for a successful administration.

  • Testing Window: October 3 - 21, 2022
  •  Material Ordering Window: (coming soon)
  •  Answer Document Return Deadline: (coming soon)

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ACT General questions:

State Policy Questions:
Alabama State Department of Education
Phone: 334.694.4817
Fax: 334.694.4981

Learn About Test Formats and Policies


Select Test Staff


Order Test Materials


calendar(coming soon)



Tip: Test material orders will be placed through the CCRIS online ordering system. You may access the system using an existing CCRIS account to use other ACT products or create a new account.

Tip: ACT recommends that you order your test materials four weeks before your test date. This will allow two weeks for delivery of your test materials via FedEx Ground (free) shipping and another two weeks for you to prepare your site for testing. NOTE: Expedited shipping is not permissible within the Alabama state testing contract.

Tip: The CCRIS ordering system allows you to attach yourself to multiple organizations. When placing test material orders through CCRIS, be sure you select the appropriate organization (i.e. the ordering school’s district).

Tip: The CCRIS ordering system allows you to order test materials under different contracts, if you are eligible to participate in more than one. Be sure you select the correct contract (program) from the Choose Program dropdown menu. Selecting the incorrect contract will affect your reporting and invoicing for testing.

Tip: The PreACT Test Materials Package includes the test booklets, answer documents, Administration Manuals, and other materials you will need to administer PreACT. Order one PreACT Test Material Package for every student who will be testing, including students who will test with accommodations or English learner supports.

Tip: Order only the number of PreACT Test Material Packages that you will administer. ACT will include an overage in each order. For additional ordering practices, please review the PreACT Ordering Instructions.

Tip: Districts that order test materials on behalf of their schools will receive district reporting. Please make note of the Answer Document Receipt Date provided in the order confirmation webpage and email. Answer documents received after this date may not be included in your district reporting.

Learn about Accessibility Supports


Arrange for Accommodations and/or English Learner (EL) Supports


Tip: Administering PreACT with accommodations or English learner supports does not require prior approval from ACT.  You will order alternate format test materials or materials for English learners at the same time you order your PreACT Test Material Packages.

Prepare Your Facility, Staff, and Test Materials


  • Test Facilities (manual section – select the first listed after applying search filters)
  • Test Staff (manual section – select the first listed after applying search filters)
  • Test Materials (manual section – select the first listed after applying search filters)
  • Test Administration (manual section – select the first listed after applying search filters)

Tip: Remember to hold a training session with all testing staff (new and experienced) before test day. This is required and is separate from the briefing session that happens on test day. Suggested topics to cover during the training session are in your administration manual.

Tip: Determine the test administration options your site will use:

    • One or two day administration
    • Options for completing the examinee Information sections.
    • Use of optional sort codes.
    • Use of Supplemental local items.

Complete Non-Test Activities


Tip: When entering name and address on the answer document (blocks B and P-S), be sure examinees:

    • Start with the first box and first column in block
    • Fill in the appropriate oval for each letter in addition to printing them in the boxes.
    • Fill in only one oval per column

Tip: Make sure examinees properly enter the form code into the Test Form block on their answer documents. This is essential to the answer documents being scored properly.

Administer the Test


calendar(coming soon)


Administration Manuals


Return Test Materials


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Tip: Test coordinators should verify completeness and accuracy of materials received from room supervisors before returning answer documents to ACT. Check that all Test Administration Forms are filled out and check that the test form code is properly gridded on each answer document.

Tip: Upon receiving the test materials from the school test coordinator for shipment back to ACT, district test coordinators need to completely fill out the front of the polymailer envelope(s).

Tip: When packing the processing envelopes, about 250 answer documents can fit in each Tyvek scoring envelope. The polymailer envelopes provided this year are smaller and will hold about 300 answer documents.

Tip: Do not return unused answer documents or any PreACT test materials.

Tip: Return the answer documents for all testing (standard, accommodations, or make-up) in the same shipment.

Tip: The polymailer envelopes include prepaid FedEx return shipping labels already affixed. You may leave the packed polymailer envelopes in a secure FedEx pick-up area at your site or FedEx drop-off site. Do not leave your packed polymailer envelopes in an unsupervised pick or drop-off site.