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Test Administration and Delivery

ACT® administers and scores millions of tests each year with the highest levels of integrity and accuracy. Being a test coordinator requires you have an active understanding of our testing policies and procedures. ACT WorkKeys® tests are considered high stakes, so all members of the testing staff are required to complete a training plan to prepare for the test administration.

ACT WorkKeys Status Verification

Verify the current status of the ACT WorkKeys Online system.

Irregularity Report

Complete the online Irregularity Report form to submit group or individual irregularities.

Administration Resources

General Information


Online Testing Resources

Quick Start Guides

WorkKeys - Text to Speech Quick Start Guide (PDF) - This document outlines creating an examinee user account and adding Text to Speech test registrations for ACT WorkKeys online tests.

Account Management Quick Start Guide (PDF) - Account Management is used to reset a disabled account, lock an account, and send a new password to an examinee. The term "account" refers to a person's access to ACT WorkKeys Online.

Adding Examinees to a Group during Account Creation (PDF) - This document contains information used by site administrators to add examinees to an existing group as their accounts are being created for ACT WorkKeys Online testing.

Adding Existing Examinees to a Group (PDF) - Site administrators can add existing examinees to a group.

Administering a Test to a Single Examinee (PDF) - Outlines creating an examinee user account and adding test registrations, launching a test, authorizing a test, monitoring test session via TAO proctor interface, and generating an instant score report. Use this document when an examinee wants to take one or more ACT WorkKeys online tests.

Associate User (PDF) - This Quick Start Guide outlines how to associate (or add) a user from another site.

Authorizing a Test for a Group of Examinees (PDF) - It is possible to authorize an entire group of examinees to take the same test. There are two methods for accomplishing this.

Creating Accounts Using Batch Load (PDF) - This document contains information used by site administrators to create ACT WorkKeys Online accounts and test registrations for multiple examinees using batch load.

Creating a Group (PDF) - To use the various group functions, you need to first create a group. 

Deleting an Account (PDF) - Use this document when you need to delete a ACT WorkKeys Online account in the Validus system. 

Export Examinee Quick Start Guide (PDF) - Administrators may wish to export examinee data to an external program. The Export Examinees feature will export data from the entire list of individuals registered in a realm who have been assigned the role of “Examinee.”

Group Registration for One or More Tests (PDF) - Typically an examinee User ID and Password is created then tests and financial profiles are added one examinee at a time. However, it is also possible to register a group for tests and set the financial profiles for each test once for the entire group.

Relaunching an Interrupted Test Session (PDF) - When a test has been interrupted due to a power outage or connectivity was lost, it can be relaunched, as long as it happens within 60 minutes. The examinee selects Relaunch of the test title, the proctor Authorizes it, and the examinee selects Proceed. They resume the test session from where it had been interrupted and the clock restarts from there.

Looking Up a Password (PDF) - This is used by test coordinators and proctors to look up an examinee's password to their account for ACT WorkKeys online testing.

Profile Management Quick Start Guide (PDF) - Profile Management can be used as a template for setting up and registering examinees for tests (e.g., registering an examinee for multiple tests with a single click).

Removing an Examinee from a Group (PDF) - Use this document when you want to remove an examinee's account from a group.

Setting Up a Proctor or Site Administrator Account (PDF) - Site Administrators should follow this guide when creating user accounts for their proctors and/or additional site administrators. 

TAO User Guide (PDF) - This information is for test coordinators and proctors to administer ACT WorkKeys online tests with the newest test delivery system, called TAO. You use the TAO proctor interface for proctoring activities in your test center.

Additional Information

Paper Testing Resources

Materials Ordering

Before you can order ACT WorkKeys test materials, you must first have a signed contract with ACT. If you do not yet have a signed contract, complete the order form to get started.

Scoring Ordering

Online Reports Portal Guides

Reports are available in the Reports Portal 24 hours after testing takes place. An Administrator must have the Portal Manager role to use the Reports Portal feature.

Personal Skills Assessment List Reports Quick Start Guide (PDF)  - This guide explains the parameters of running these reports, which contain rosters of examinee scores for soft skills assessed by the Fit and Talent tests. The Performance test is no longer offered in the ACT WorkKeys suite of soft skills tests.

Online Reports Portal User Guide (PDF) - This user guide shows you how to use the Online Reports Portal feature and explains the parameters for running each report. It also covers downloading, saving, and printing the generated reports.

Score Reports Available in Online Reports Portal (PDF) - A list of each Online Reports Portal score report, with a description of what the reports contain, and how they can be used. It also indicates whether the scores included are online test scores, paper test scores, or both.

Using the Online Reports Portal - Career Readiness Certificate Reports (VIDEO) - Training video on how to use Online Reports Portal - Career Certificate Reports.

Using the Online Reports Portal - WorkKeys Online Reports (VIDEO) - Training video on how to navigate and use Online Reports - WorkKeys Portal Reports.

Local Scan FAQs (PDF)

Ordering Local Scan

If you have not done so already, and would like to add Local Scan to your site agreement, go to Enter your email address and other information about your site account. Details on the download and install process will be provided via email when ACT updates your agreement.

Marketing Materials

Any ACT WorkKeys marketing and information flyers can be found on the ACT WorkKeys Marketing Materials page.

Technical Manuals

Any ACT WorkKeys technical bulletins or manuals can be found on the Technical Manuals and Fairness Reports page.