Reasons to Retest

Should I take the ACT again? 

Did you know that the majority of students who take the ACT more than once increase their score? 

On average, for testers who received an initial score between 13 and 29, the second Composite score increases by one point. As if that weren't reason enough, here are a few others to consider:
  • You had problems during the test
  • You weren't feeling your best
  • You didn’t feel prepared
  • Your nerves got the best of you
  • You know you can do better
  • You've learned more

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When you wonder if one point is worth it to retest, remember that one point could make a big difference—it could impact your eligibility for scholarship funding and affect your admission to college.

Not convinced? Here are some additional reasons you should consider retesting:

You had problems during the test. 
Things can go wrong. Maybe you forgot your calculator or didn’t understand directions. If things didn’t go as planned, you probably didn’t perform your best on the test. 

You weren’t feeling your best. 
Besides being uncomfortable, feeling sick can be a constant distraction. Try again when you can think clearly and fully focus on the task at hand.

You didn’t feel prepared. 
Did the test date sneak up on you? Sometimes students register for the test with the intent of completing test prep… but for some reason or another, it just doesn’t happen. Make a commitment to improving your score by taking time to practice for the test and try again. Consider using test prep resources offered by ACT

Your nerves got the best of you. 
Students can put a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve a high score. Don’t let test anxiety get in the way of the score you deserve. The second time around, you’ll know what to expect and, hopefully, be more comfortable in the testing environment. 

You know you can do better. 
If your score didn’t line up with your expected performance, it may be worth another shot.  

You've learned more. 
Since taking the ACT test, you have continued to learn more in school. ACT questions are based on core curriculum, so you are likely more prepared for the test! 

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