ACT Test Information Release (TIR)

Request a Copy of Your ACT Test Questions and Answers

Exclusively for ACT test takers, with three test dates each year you can request a copy of your questions and answers for up to 6 months to use as prep for your next ACT test. Simply login to your MyACT account to purchase your TIR, or you can order during the registration process. 

What is Test Information Release?

By purchasing Test Information Release (TIR), you will receive a digital copy of the multiple-choice test questions, your answers, a copy of your answer document, the answer key, and the conversion table used in determining your ACT scores. If you took the optional writing test, you will receive a copy of the writing prompt, the writing test scoring rubric, and your essay scores.

You can expect digital TIR materials to be provided within MyACT a few weeks after your score release. If you requested and were approved for alternate formats (April testing only), these materials will be prepared once your TIR report is available in MyACT and may take up to eight weeks for processing and shipping.

Note: These materials are the confidential copyrighted property of ACT, Inc., and may not be copied, reproduced, sold, scanned, emailed, or otherwise transferred without the prior express written permission of ACT, Inc.

Who is eligible for a Test Information Release?

  • Examinees who test through National testing at a National test center, on select national test dates.

    TIR Test DatesAvailability
    April 2024Saturday and non-Saturday testing
    June 2024*Saturday testing only
    *A special study is being conducted in June 2024. TIR service will not be available for the online test mode.
    September 2024Saturday testing only
    December 2024Saturday testing only
    February 2025Saturday and non-Saturday testing

      • Examinees who register for the April test date and test through ACT Special testing during the designated Special Testing Window in the US, US territories, and Puerto Rico. You will also be able to request TIR materials in any alternate formats you were approved for.

        TIR for ACT Special Testing
        April 2024
        February 2025

      • This service is not offered for any other administrations of the ACT. See MyACT for specific dates.
      • If for any reason we replace the test version scheduled for use at your test center or reschedule the administration, this offer becomes void, and we will refund your fee for this service. This service is not offered for any other administrations of the ACT.


      June 2024 Study 

      A chance to take a shorter ACT test!

      During the June 2024 test event, ACT will be conducting a special college-reportable study in online test rooms that will provide you an opportunity to take an ACT® test with fewer questions, and more time per question.

      During registration you must agree to additional conditions in order to test online.

      1. Your scores will NOT be eligible for ACT’s Test Information Release in June 2024.
      2. Your scores will be available in the 3-8 week window but will not be released until additional study-related analysis is completed before scores are released.
      3. You will be randomly assigned a test form with one of two timing conditions: either the full ACT, or a version with fewer questions and reduced time per section. You will not know which format you have been assigned until test day.

      Ordering Information 

      You can order TIR in MyACT during registration and for six months following the test date. See for pricing and details. 

      Note: Students who register for the ACT with a fee waiver qualify to add a Test Information Release (TIR) to their registration at no extra cost on the TIR eligible test dates.