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Podcast Episode 21:
Resilient Workforce Ecosystems Leading Skills-Based
Economic Recovery

A first-of-its-kind pandemic is impacting communities around the globe. These unsurmountable challenges seem never-ending: record-breaking unemployment, mandatory business closures, shifts to remote work, social distancing measures, and so much more. In response, regional workforce ecosystems must retool and implement reemployment strategies for the future.

The journey to recovery is something that we will navigate in step with our partners at the local, state, and national levels. Episode 21 of Ready for Work is the first of several episodes with action items to build a resilient workforce ecosystem. In this episode, host Jasen Jones walks through a five-part framework, Adapt, Lead, Engage, Deploy, and Analyze, or ALEDA, to help navigate challenging times and prepare for inevitable impacts on our communities. You’ll hear voices from ACT® Work Ready Communities (WRC) with stories of resilience happening real-time.

“It’s been said that if stopping the economy for coronavirus was like an amputation, that the recovery of our economy will be more like a brain surgery.”

– Jasen Jones

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Guest Presenters

Denny Smith 

Certified WorkKeys Profiler and Director of Testing and Assessment at Calhoun Community College in Alabama

Will Coppage 

Executive Director at Washington County Economic Alliance in Mississippi

Lottie Ryans 

Director of Workforce and Literacy Initiatives at First Tennessee Development District

Mark Stevans 

Director of Special Projects at First Tennessee Development District

Jasen Jones

About Jasen Jones 

Jasen Jones joined ACT as a vital member of the Work Ready Communities ( team in 2017. Prior to working with ACT, Jasen managed the award-winning Southwest Missouri Workforce Development Board. His career also includes work with two local Chambers of Commerce and a seven-year stint in radio broadcasting.

Jasen completed the U.S. Chamber Institute for Organization Management at Colorado College and the Economic Development Institute at the University of Oklahoma. The National Association of Workforce Development Professionals awarded Jasen the Thomas Ahlers System Building Award in 2015. Throughout his career, Jasen has attained numerous state and national awards, along with being a part of prominent case studies for the integration of workforce and economic development.

Mary LeFebvre

About Mary LeFebvre 

Mary LeFebvre is a Principal Research Scientist for ACT Policy. Her primary focus is researching national workforce policy issues, competency supply/demand analysis, program evaluation, and K–Career transitions. Prior to joining ACT in 2010, Mary was the Workforce Research Manager at the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center within the Missouri Department of Economic Development where she provided occupational research, analysis of talent development systems, policy evaluation, and coordination of public and private organizations for business retention research and planning. Mary has an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Christopher Newport University and a BS in Psychology from Missouri State University.

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