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Podcast Episode 18:
Site Selection and Workforce Development Climate
with Guest Mark Arend

Why does an organization invest millions of dollars in one area versus an another? It very well may come down to the area’s workforce.

A lot of factors go into choosing a site, and a smart, skilled workforce is right at the top of the list. That’s why Site Selection magazine delivers relevant data/information on the topic for over 44,000 readers, including corporate executives, site selection consultants, and real estate professionals

According to Mark Arend, Editor in Chief of Site Selection, it’s one thing to say, “We have a terrific workforce.” It’s another thing to prove it—and by publishing unbiased data, that’s what Site Selection does.

On this episode, we cover:

Economic development impacts us all—in urban and rural areas across America. Listen as Mark Arend discusses more about this topic, along with some of the challenges he sees ahead.

“Areas are going to have to be even better going forward at making sure that workers have skills that are in demand, and very specific skills—not just a great work ethic. And that requires a lot of collaboration between the private sector, the education community, and the economic development community.”

– Mark Arend,
Editor in Chief,
Site Selection Magazine

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Mark Arend

About Mark Arend

Mark Arend is Vice President of Publications and Editor in Chief of Site Selection magazine, the leading U.S. economic development publication. On the editorial staff since 1997, Mark leads an award-winning team of writers and graphic designers in the bi-monthly delivery of global location analysis for senior management at corporations worldwide. Airport-related economic development, talent acquisition and foreign direct investment are among his areas of expertise. Prior to his tenure at Site Selection, Mark held editorial positions in New York City at Wall Street Computer Review, ABA Banking Journal and Global Investment Technology. A native of Ontario and raised in Connecticut, Mark is a graduate of the University of Hartford and lives near Atlanta.