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Podcast Episode 31: Life-Changing Asset and Skill-Based Solutions in Alternative Sentencing

Episode 31 of Ready for Work is the first of a two-part episode on Preparing Workforce Ecosystems for Returning Citizen Success. Charles Elliot is the Presiding Circuit Judge in Morgan County, Alabama. Partnerships with the community college and economic development leaders across their ACT Work Ready Community help with the pillars of education and career. The drug court’s alternative sentencing model thrives on integrating mental health with a record-breaking positive impact. 

"When you look at it from the outside you think, i’d never be that way. i'd never be an addict. But once you hear so many peoples’  stories, you know but for one or two decisions in their lives, they’d be sitting where I am, and but for one or two decisions in my life, i’d be sitting where they are."

- Honorable Charles Elliot, Presiding Circuit Judge, Morgan County, Alabama

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Episode Guest

Honorable Charles Elliot

Presiding Circuit Judge, Morgan County, Alabama