ACT Educational Opportunity Service

Providing quality data to help you target your recruiting efforts and increase enrollment.

Make the Most of Your Recruiting Resources

The ACT Educational Opportunity Service (EOS) helps you find the right students for your institution. Recruit, enroll, and retain your next class with EOS. "Email addresses bounce back less than with other sources. We have good conversion rates to applicants, admits, and enrolls."
– Matt Bonser Associate Director of Admission Colorado College

ACT Enroll Platform

ACT Enroll is the platform used to select and deliver leads from the Educational Opportunity Service (EOS). Enroll includes features such as:

  • Interactive maps
  • On-demand purchasing
  • Enhanced export capabilities of names already purchased
  • Expanded segments based on US Census data
  • On-demand record availability
  • Multiple data sources
  • Institutional accounts
  • Consultant roles

The following files can assist you in understanding the file layout and criteria selection used in Enroll:

The Right Names at the Right Time

College recruiting has become harder in recent years. Declining enrollments and the increasing focus on retention have created a significant challenge for admissions teams.

EOS is there when you are ready to start recruiting. The PreACT EOS pool contains the names of students who have taken the PreACT test in their sophomore year, while the ACT EOS pool contains students who have taken the ACT test, primarily in their junior and senior years. EOS names get results because students in each pool have already indicated an interest in learning about college and scholarship opportunities.

Increase Visibility, Inquiries, Applications, and Enrollment

Service and Results

Campuses consistently report that EOS names yield results by increasing visibility, inquiries, applications, and enrollments. Use EOS on your campus to:

  • Personalize messaging
  • Target special populations
  • Increase student diversity

If your campus is new to EOS, specialists are available to help you determine the best timing and the best pool of students to meet your enrollment goals.

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