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The ACT Test for K-12 Educators and Administrators

The ACT test provides you with the data necessary to position students for success after high school.

Bringing the ACT to Students

Across the nation, states and districts are using the ACT and instructional improvement programs to enhance students' college and career readiness.

Adopting the ACT Test in Your District

The benefits of a national test date and more.

Your District Can:

  • Establish student performance baselines using scores on the ACT
  • Make informed curriculum decisions and create data-driven intervention strategies
  • Strengthen advising programs using ACT data—all research-based and aligned to ACT College and Career Readiness Standards

Your Students Can:

  • Feel less stress due to testing during the school day in a familiar environment
  • Check off a major part of the college application process
  • Build confidence in their knowledge and learn about where they still need to improve
  • Receive personalized information to explore future college and career decisions based on their strengths and interests
  • Use scores for financial aid and scholarship applicationsProvide information to identify college admissions and scholarship opportunities

Adopting ACT Assessments Statewide

Adopting all or some ACT assessments on a statewide basis provides significant advantages for educational and career planning, assessment, instructional support, and evaluation.

  • Opportunities - Raises awareness and exposure among all students, not only self-selected, college-bound students. A great equalizer of opportunity, bringing more underserved and first generation college students, and middle- and low-income students into the enrollment pipeline. 
  • Meaningful Data - Our norm and criterion-referenced assessments focus on the integrated, higher-order thinking skills students develop in grades K–12 that are important for success both during and after high school.
  • Flexibility - The assessment system is flexible, allowing customized State Allowed Accommodations, and test administration on designated weekdays or weekends.
  • Smart Business - States can expect to enjoy a high return on investment and to see a reduction in remediation. In addition, ACT protects student privacy and facilitates easy integration of test results into state systems by using state-assigned IDs instead of Social Security numbers. 

Success Stories

See how educators are using the ACT to improve and track students' readiness for college and career.


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Generating Excitement for the ACT

Stay current! Get the latest news and information about improvements to the ACT.

About the ACT Test

The gold standard in standardized assessments

The ACT® test motivates students to perform to their best ability. Test scores reflect what students have learned throughout high school and provide colleges and universities with excellent information for recruiting, advising, placement, and retention. Learn more about the ACT test.

Accommodations and English Learner Supports

ACT is committed to serving examinees with documented disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations appropriate to the examinee's diagnosis and needs. ACT has established policies regarding documentation of an examinee’s disability.

Training for K-12 Professionals

ACT® product training events help you improve curriculum and interventions to ensure student success. We offer webinars, self-paced tutorials, and workshops designed for K-12 administrators and school systems looking to make a smart investment in the professional learning of their staff.

Popular Resources

Strengthen your knowledge of the ACT test and help your students prepare for the ACT test.

What's Next for the ACT Test

Learn more about how the ACT test continues to improve, innovate, and lead the way toward college and career success.

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