Occupational Profiles

Occupational profiles identify the skill levels required for an occupation across jobs, companies, or industries. Occupational profiles are created by summarizing a set of related job profiles.

WorkKeys Occupational Profiles

About the Occupational Profiles

The occupational profiles represent information distilled from the analysis of several thousand jobs that were profiled using the WorkKeys skill scales. Please note that ACT reports the most recent five years of data.

The occupational profiles were developed by combining information from the job profiles for groups of jobs that share the same identification numbers in the O*NET database. For example, the occupational profile for Industrial Production Managers is a composite of the 45 job profiles for Industrial Production Manager jobs originated by the various companies that profiled this job. The median skill level required for the individual jobs was computed for each WorkKeys skill area and rounded to the nearest integer. The range (i.e., the minimum and maximum skill level required) for each skill level was also determined. In some cases, indicated by a "1" for the "Number of Profiles," the "occupational" profile is based on a single job profile and is, therefore, a job profile.