Ohio Students, Unlock Your Scholarship Potential!

More scholarship money = less college debt!

Students with an ACT test score can qualify for the Ohio Township Association Scholarship. The Ohio Township Association Scholarship allows students who get a 22 on the ACT to help them qualify for up to $1,500 towards their educational goals.

Superscoring can open the door for qualifying for these and other scholarships, too. Over 57% of students in Ohio increase their score by taking the ACT more than once. In 2022 alone, Ohio grads who took the ACT more than once had an average composite score of 23 on their second time compared to their initial score of 17. 

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ACT knows you’re giving all you can to your students, presenting them with an education that’s all about equity in learning. We want to support student success in giving every student an equal opportunity to fully understand what they need for future success AND jump-start their momentum down the path to making their goals a reality.

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Resources for Students and Parents

Increase access for all students with flexible ACT solutions for schools, districts, and states.

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Striving for Fairness in Education

The work of our Center for Equity in Learning is focused on striving for fairness in education and to help create a world where everyone can discover and fulfill their potential.

"I want to thank ACT and everyone involved with the scholarship for this opportunity and to tell children who look like me, or have a background like me, that it is possible to become who you want to be."

- Sage Rodriguez, ACT Scholar and Kirkwood Community College Student