Your ACT High School Profile Report

3 Ways to Use Your ACT High School Profile Report

The ACT High School Profile Report provides comprehensive information about a student’s needs, interests, background, and abilities. Here are 3 ways to put it to use:

  1. Evaluate Your Curriculum and Instruction
    Subject area reporting gives you student performance data on specific skills and abilities within each subject area, such as language conventions, data interpretation, and scientific investigation. These data, used with the ACT Curriculum Review Worksheets, help you identify areas for improvement in your instruction and curriculum.
  2. Analyze Student Course Patterns
    Common Course Pattern data provides information on how students performed on the ACT subject test in comparison to the courses the student has completed in that subject. Look for trends between student course patterns and ACT scores to identify paths you can recommend to other students.
  3. Compare Student Performance Over 5-Year Trends
    The district report gives you ACT Composite scores and insights on how many students are reaching readiness benchmarks across the previous 5 years. Think about what has changed over those 5 years and how those actions have impacted scores.