ACT Certified Educator FAQs

What is ACT Certified Educator?

ACT Certified Educator™ is a groundbreaking credentialing program designed for educators and school systems seeking professional development and certification from a trusted source. ACT Certified Educator is available as an in-person event or as an online event. 

Is ACT Certified Educator available online?

ACT Certified Educator is available as a virtual (online) delivery. In this capacity, the program is referred to as ACT Certified Educator Virtual, which offers engaging and high quality instruction in a setting that is conducive to safely working within today’s public health guidelines. Districts can allow staff to stay home (or utilize district facilities) while offering educators the option to strengthen their skills and qualifications. 

What benefits does ACE training provide for educational organizations?

Through ACT Certified Educator, participants gain a better understanding of the ACT test and evidence-based ways to improve instruction of ACT preparation, with the goal of helping students to improve their ACT scores and their college readiness. ACT Certified Educator also helps participants to provide quality ACT test preparation for all students, including those who are unable to pay for private tutors. Completion of this training enhances the potential to elevate ACT scores that may be used to assess schools/districts

If a teacher becomes an ACT Certified Educator, does that mean that they can no longer be involved with administering the ACT test?

ACT Certified Educator status in and of itself doesn't change anyone's ability to act as an ACT test administrator. Teachers employed by school districts, who are also ACT Certified Educators, may continue to administer ACT testing, provided that they do not provide any private, fee-based ACT preparation teaching/tutoring in all cases outside their school/district employment. No individual providing private, fee-based ACT preparation teaching/ tutoring may administer ACT testing (whether or not they are an ACT Certified Educator). No ACT Certified Educator may take an ACT test. These exclusions were not created specifically for the ACT Certified Educator program. The exclusions represent long-standing ACT policies.

Who can take the courses?

  • K-12 educators may sign up for the courses.
  • Private tutors may sign up for the courses. 
  • A school, district or other group may opt to hold private ACT Certified Educator events for educators of their choosing. In this situation, a minimum of 15 participants per class is required. 

Where do I sign up?

Please visit to see all virtual and in-person course offerings throughout the United States.

What courses are available?

Through ACT Certified Educator, individuals may earn certification (and electronic credentials) in any of six (6) different areas: Basics, English, Reading, Writing, Math and Science. One day courses (Basics, Writing) cost $299 per student. This price includes the cost of the Educator Guide, which may be delivered electronically. Two-day courses (English, Reading, Math and Science) cost $549 per student. This price includes the cost of the Educator Guide, which may be delivered electronically. Basics is a foundational course that includes information to enhance educators’ knowledge of fundamental aspects of the ACT test and the resources available to students. This course does not cover all subjects on the ACT test. Instead it introduces the ACT test itself and the evidence-based teaching strategies key to successful preparation for the ACT. NOTE: Participants are REQUIRED to complete the ACT Certified Educator Basics course and meet the scoring benchmark on the Basics Certification exam to receive any subject-specific certifications. Basics may be taken either before or after subject-specific courses. 

How much do the courses cost?

Basics 8 hours—1 day $299 
English 16 hours—2 days $549 
Reading 16 hours—2 days $549 
Writing 8 hours—1 day $299 
Math 16 hours—2 days $549 
Science 16 hours—2 days $549 

What payment methods are allowed?

For those who participate in national events, open to the public, only credit cards are accepted. POs (purchase orders) are not allowed in this setting. For private (business-to-business) participants, a contract is required. A group code is utilized and an invoice is generated.

Is there a discount for registering for more than one course?

There is no discount for registering for more than one course. 


What tests will I have to take?

Some courses require a Qualification exam. ACT Certified Educator Qualification exams are all retired ACT tests. All courses administer a Certification exam. This exam measures what was learned in the ACT Certified Educator courses. 

Basics Not required Administered at the end Day 1
English Administered Day 1 Administered Day 2
Reading Administered Day 1 Administered Day 2
Writing Not required Administered at the end Day 1
Math Administered Day 1 Administered Day 2
Science Administered Day 1 Administered Day 2

What do participants need to have with them when they come to an ACE event?

A fully-charged laptop or other device with at least at 7" monitor. For subject-specific courses, participants will need a current copy (not less than 3 years old) of The Official ACT Prep Guide. The Official ACT Prep Guide is NOT needed for Basics. Math participants should have an ACT-approved calculator. 

How long does it take to get results?

Results will appear immediately upon refreshing your ACE browser after a test has been completed.

What is a passing score on the qualification exam?

Qualification exams are retired ACT exams. Though specific scores are never shared, individuals may refer to historical passing scores on previous ACT exams as a reference point. From English—Average ACT score 20.3 Reading—Average ACT score 21.4 Math—Average ACT score 20.7 Science—Average ACT score 21.0

What is a passing score on the certification exam?

The ACT Certified Educator program never provides scores. A simple PASS or FAIL is the only result ever issued.

How will I be notified of my results?

Participants will be notified with either a badge claim email or an email identifying which exam they failed. 

What if I fail? What is the retest policy?

ACT's policy on retesting for ACT Certified Educator dictates that for every ACT Certified Educator exam that was taken and failed, the participant is entitled to three free retests for a period of three months after a failed test has been issued.

Can I still tutor even if I don’t get the badge?

Earning the title of ACT Certified Educator means that the educator is authorized to provide teaching/tutoring as an ACT Certified Educator in the subject(s) they have earned their badge(s) in. Even without those credentials, educators may still provide teaching/tutoring services. They simply do so without the benefit of ACT Certified Educator certification. 

When/how are retests administered?

Retests are remotely proctored by ACT staff using Zoom. To schedule a Retest, simply log in to your ACE Educator Portal. Along the line of your Failed Result, under ACTIONS, click on the three dots and Check for Retest Events will appear. Advance through the series of next steps to select an upcoming Retest Date. If you have any questions please contact the ACT Certified Educator Customer Service at

What are badges?

Badges are digital credentials that are earned when candidates take a course and meet or exceed the scoring benchmarks in the Qualification and/or Certification exams for that particular course. Candidates may earn badges in Basics, English, Reading, Writing, Math and Science. Badges are issued through the Vault system and arrive to the recipient in the form of an email notification

How do you earn the badges?

Basics—successful completion of Basics Certification exam only earns Basics badge.

English—successful completion of BOTH English Qualification and English Certification exams, in conjunction with successful completion of Basics Certification exam, earns English badge.

Reading—successful completion of BOTH Reading Qualification and Reading Certification exams, in conjunction with successful completion of Basics Certification exam, earns Reading badge.

Writing—successful completion of Writing Certification exam, in conjunction with successful completion of Basics Certification exam, earns Writing badge.

Math—successful completion of BOTH Math Qualification and Math Certification exams, in conjunction with successful completion of Basics Certification exam, earns Math badge.

Science—successful completion of BOTH Science Qualification and Certification exams, in conjunction with successful completion of Basics Certification exam, earns Science badge. Without the Basics Certification, no other credentialing is possible. 

What is the benefit of earning the ACE badge?

Badges show that the candidate is certified by ACT as an educator who has met or exceeded testing and scoring benchmarks. Badges show that an educator has the content knowledge and teaching skills necessary to improve students’ learning and readiness for success after high school.

How long are badges valid?

Badges are valid for two years after scoring is complete. After two years, the badge term will expire and badge-holders will be notified of the need to recertify, (using the most current email address available). Candidates will need to take a short recertification course within a window of several months in order to maintain their certification. 

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