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Whether you are editing competencies or crosswalks for PK-12, college or career, ACT SkillSuite is your service of choice!

ACT SkillSuite was created through the leadership and participation of ACT in development of the IMS Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®) standard and the open source tool, OpenSALT.®


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SkillAuthor, developed from ACT’s experience leading and participating in the development of the IMS CASE specification and the open source tool OpenSALT, offers a significantly enhanced user experience, helping organizations easily create competency frameworks using the CASE specification and publish to the CASE Network.

The cloud-based service will be hosted by ACT and eliminate the need for organizations to establish their own service. SkillAuthor Enterprise users will also enjoy private competency frameworks, public commenting, enhanced organizational authoring workflow, and notifications.

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ACT SkillMapper is a self-service, machine-learning-driven tool which suggests the most likely match between two learning competencies, saving the subject matter expert time when searching among many available target skills for the best mapping accuracy.  

SkillMapper source and target competency frameworks, and the mapping developed using the SkillMapper service, all leverage the CASE specification. SkillMapper Enterprise boasts web services endpoints, unlimited crosswalk creation, the ability to export data for visualizations, and notifications when new versions of crosswalks exist.

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ACT Launches New Learning Competency Management Services

ACT SkillSuite services enable schools, districts, and organizations to create, manage, publish and map learning competencies in digital format using the IMS Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE) standard.

State and local educators will now be able to use this service for managing national, state and local learning competencies and academic standards with a set of tools that will facilitate a much easier experience and ensure interoperability and alignment of systems and learning resources.

As an IMS CASE Network preferred services provider, ACT SkillSuite’s SkillAuthor and SkillMapper services are delivered through the IMS CASE Network. IMS members get early access to member-only pricing for ACT SkillAuthor and ACT SkillMapper, launching in June 2020.

"CASE Network is the single, trusted source for transparency and verification of academic standards and workforce competencies that states and districts need to advance equitable digital learning ecosystems."

- Dr. Rob Abel, CEO, IMS Global Learning Consortium