Hispanic Student Perceptions Report

Breaking Down Barriers:

Understanding Hispanic High School Students' Perceptions on the Transition to College

This report, Breaking Down Barriers: Understanding Hispanic High School Students’ Perceptions on the Transition to College, describes Hispanic students’ and their parents’ views and concerns about their college preparedness.

These concerns are summarized in this quote from a student: “If counselors and schools, if they tried a lot harder and if they put a lot more effort into helping, you know, all students, especially, you know, the disadvantaged ones. That would go a long way for everybody.”

The report was a collaboration between Univision Communications, Inc., ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning, and ACT Research.

Some recommendations were also provided alongside the student views for educators and policymakers to help Hispanic students better prepare for the transition from high school to college:

  • Improve opportunities for students to discuss the transition to college with guidance counselors or other high school staff;
  • Provide opportunities for parents to be included in the college application process and have questions answered; and
  • Increase resources to ensure first-generation or minority students’ college success.