Cutting Down Turnover at a Wood Products Leader

Wood-products manufacturer uses ACT WorkKeys to increase retention, optimize training costs, and close the regional skills gap.


Central Louisiana & Corrigan, TX




Forestry & Wood Products


RoyOMartin isn’t only a forestry and wood products manufacturer; they’re a catalyst for economic impact in the regions where they operate. Even so, turnover is a constant, costly challenge. The costs of having the issue were stacking up. That’s why RoyOMartin engaged with Central Louisiana Technical Community College and the Central Louisiana Work Ready Network (CWRN) to increase retention and optimize training costs. 

CWRN engaged ACT-authorized job profilers to identify the specific foundational skills needed for jobs at RoyOMartin. ACT® WorkKeys®, ACT® WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC®), and WorkKeys Profiling were made a part of the hiring process and were used in screening and hiring decisions. The company’s Oakdale plant was the first to implement the system. Following three years of use, turnover dropped by 5%, translating into cost savings of approximately $270,000. 

But RoyOMartin wasn’t content with improving the company’s talent pipeline. It wanted to help close the skills gap in each region and have a broader impact on the community. That’s why the company is heavily involved in ACT Work Ready Communities and started the WoodWorks program. Through WoodWorks—a high school program offered in 19 area schools—RoyOMartin is helping students develop a career-ready mindset. 

“The most significant advantage of using the ACT WorkKeys solution is validating the suitability of an employment applicant to the performance requirements associated with a position.” 

Ray Peters, Vice President of Human Resources and Marketing, RoyOMartin 

How RoyOMartin Raised the Quality of New Hires While Reducing Turnover and Costs


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