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ACT Engage College

Actionable insights you need to help students persist and achieve academic success

How are You Finding Students Who Need Help?

You know there are at-risk students in your institution, but how can you easily find them and provide the help they need?

ACT Engage® College offers a powerful, cost-effective way for you to identify students who are most likely to have academic difficulties or even drop out of school during their first year. When you provide early interventions for these students—focusing on study skills, social activity, academic self-confidence, or other areas measured by the assessment—you offer them the greatest chance to succeed.

ACT Engage College also can predict—with a remarkable degree of accuracy—how likely each of your first-year students is to return for a second year, and whether they will earn at least a 2.0 GPA. ACT Engage College is easy for colleges to administer and requires minimal advance planning. In just 30 minutes, without the pressure of a high-stakes assessment, students answer 108 simple questions about themselves online and you get immediate results to begin developing an intervention plan. You get actionable insights to help students persist and achieve academic success.

Why Engage?

Student Motivation

Did you know high school GPA is related consistently to motivation?

Social Engagement

Did you know students who participate in two or more extracurricular activities during high school have higher college retention rates?


Did you know that as the measure of self-regulation increases, the number of disciplinary events per semester decreases?


Did you know how to identify  skills to succeed in school, at work, and in the "real world"?


See Engage in action

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Success Story:

University of North Texas
The Real Impact of Increasing Student Retention

Next Steps:

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