National Career Readiness Certificate

National Career Readiness Certificate. Certify Your Workforce. Part of the WorkReady System.
Momentum continues to build behind the National Career Readiness Certificate, which is now recognized as the most effective strategy for certifying workplace skills and predicting workplace success. When the NCRCTM debuted in September 2006, 10 states were issuing their own credentials. Today, over one million certificates have been issued and more than 40 states have statewide or regional certificate programs.

The NCRC Gets Personal: Introducing the NCRC Plus

Combining measures of cognitive skills with measures of work-related behaviors—or soft skills—brings even greater accuracy to predictions about an individual’s success at work or in training. In addition to the cognitive skills measured by the NCRC, the NCRC Plus ranks individuals in four soft skills categories.

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The foundational skills certified by the NCRC and the NCRC Plus are recognized by thousands of employers as essential for workplace success and career advancement.

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At ACT, we work with clients to build professional credentialing tests, and we develop our own tests serving millions of people in high schools, colleges, professional associations, businesses, and government agencies. Our workforce solutions support skill building and portable credentials necessary for career pathways.