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Test Administration Process Next Steps

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Step 1: Orientation - Learn about test formats and policies; select test dates and provide shipping information; select test staff and set up accounts.

Step 2: Configuration -  Upload student data records; verify enrollment for test materials; order test materials; complete online site readiness.

Step 3: Accommodation - Learn about accessibility supports; request accommodations and/or supports; request reconsideration or late consideration.

Step 4: Preparation -  Complete non-test activities; provide examinees test prep information; prepare your facility, staff, and materials; update examinee information; create online test sessions.

Step 5: Administration - Administer the test.

Step 6: Transportation: Return test materials; purge online testing content.

Step 7: Interpretation - Access and understand score reports; share reporting information with examinees.

Important Dates

Your Schedule of Events  contains all dates and deadlines for your test event. Check it frequently to ensure you're on track for a successful administration.


Fall Test Dates:
  • Online Testing Window: October 6, 2021 - November 9, 2021


Documents will be replaced as they become available for Fall 2021 testing.

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ACT General Questions:
800.553.6244, ext. 2800
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State Code: 17

State Policy Questions:
Kansas State Department of Education
(785) 296-3201

Step 1: Orientation

Before Testing: Prepare students, staff, facilities, and materials for testing.

Learn about Test Formats and Policies


Select Test Staff and Set Up Accounts


Step 2: Configuration

Before Testing: Ensure systems are set up and data is submitted for teting.

Upload Student Data Records


calendarSeptember 22 - November 9, 2021




Tip: It is recommended to use the “groups” feature when doing a batch load for multiple examinees or for a group of examinees that will test at the same time.

Tip: When creating groups as part of the student data batch load process, limit the number of examinees in each group to 100 or less.

Complete Online Site Readiness


Tip: Be sure to run a TAO System Check. Select Guest Access to start the system check.

Tip: If you want to practice setting up tests and other administration functions, do not use your live testing site. Use the training realm for all practice instances. Call 800.967.5539 if you need help gaining access to the training realm. 

Step 3: Accommodation

Before Testing: Identify student needs for accommodations and/or supports.

Learn about Accessibility Supports


Arrange for Accommodations and/or English Learner (EL) Supports


Step 4: Preparation

Before Testing: Prepare students, staff, facilities, and materials for testing.

Provide Examinees Test Prep Information



ACT WorkKeys Curriculum

ACT WorkKeys Curriculum® helps individuals build the essential career-relevant skills needed for learning, personal development, and effective job performance. It’s the only curriculum built from the ground up to align with the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (ACT NCRC®) assessments. The courses are delivered via a personalized, mobile-based learning management system. The platform delivers a meaningful learning experience and provides users with a customized study schedule and detailed instructional content. This is an additional offering that the districts & schools are responsible for paying for

Prepare Your Facility, Staff and Test Materials



Tip: Remember to hold a training session with all testing staff before test day. This is required and is separate from the briefing session that happens on test day. Suggested topics to cover during the training session are in your administration manual.

Step 5: Administration

During Testing: Have a successful test administration.

 Administer the Test


calendar Standard Time Administration Window: October 6 -  November 9, 2021

calendar Accommodations Administration Window: October 6 - November 9, 2021



Administration Manuals


Tip: Remember that examinee computers cannot use Internet Explorer (IE) to deliver the test in TAO. Chrome, Firefox, or Safari may be used.

Tip: Run a TAO System Check and Validation Test on all examinee computers before the test session to ensure they can properly access and deliver the tests. To save time, you may want to run the Validation Test before the TAO System Check because if you are successful in launching a sample mini test, it won’t be necessary for you to run the TAO System Check.

Tip: If you are testing an examinee approved for English learner supports, print a copy of the ACT-Approved Bilingual Word-to-Word Dictionaries List (linked above) to verify at check in that the examinee’s dictionary can be used for testing.

Step 6: Transportation

After Testing: Send materials and data back to ACT.

Transfer Data


Tip: Test coordinators should ensure completeness and accuracy of all test day documentation. Keep this documentation on file for one year, but nothing needs to be returned to ACT.

Step 7: Interpretation

After Testing: Interpret score reports and test data.

Access and Understand Score Reports


calendarSee your Score Report Schedule for release dates




Tip: The test coordinator can log in to Validus and use the Reports Portal to access ACT WorkKeys score reports. The ACT WorkKeys Online Reports Portal User Guide provides instructions for this feature. Score Reports Available in Online Reports Portal provides a list and description of all available reports

Share Reporting Information with Examinees



Tip: Examinees who achieve a minimum score of three (3) or higher on each subject test may be eligible to receive an ACT® WorkKeys® NCRC®

Tip: Examinees who earn an ACT WorkKeys NCRC can access test scores as well as view, print, and share their certificate by either creating an account or accessing an existing account at

Tip: Examinees can use the Occupational Profiling Database to search for careers that match their ACT WorkKeys scores.