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Below are tools and resources to help you create thriving workforce ecosystems that foster economic growth. Start by choosing which problem you are trying to solve.


Lower Employee Turnover



Phifer cut turnover in half, increased its bottom line and showed employees Phifer was investing in them.

Toray hired over 200 employees for a plant expansion and decreased turnover to under 4%.

Success Stories


Berner Foods reduced terminations and nonconforming product by 80% in 2 years 

RoyOMartin decreased turnover and saved $270,000 over 3 years

CG Power lowered turnover to 3% and increased production quality

Inova reduced turnover by 75% and saved more than $1.3M in training costs



Retain Employees by Increasing Their Skills

Best Practices for Retaining Employees

Reduce Hiring Costs and Improve Performance

Daikin Reduced Training Time and Costs Throughout its Hiring and Screening Process

Phifer Incorporated Reduces Turnover and Improves Employee Confidence

Success Stories


Boeing improves retention and reduced training time

Glen Raven achieved a 98.3% success rate in its training program and filled 300 positions

Lexington County 911 reduced training costs and turnover by 50%

Gilchrist Construction improved employee retention by 75%

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Increase Hiring ROI

Finding Better Applicants

Eastman Improves Quality of New Hire and Builds Quality Talent Pipeline

To build high performance workforce, Eastman uses the ACT® Workforce Solutions to identify the requirements needed for success in their jobs and to get qualified candidates quickly. Learn how this advanced manufacturer saves time and money while preparing individuals for success.

Success Story

A talent pipeline to fill jobs


The skills gap is costing you money

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Finding the right talent

Increase Hiring Effectiveness

Success Stories


Subaru filled 1,000 positions in just 10 months

Glen Raven increased its training success rate to 98.3%

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Streamline hiring

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Hiring the skills you need

Lower Unemployment Rates in Your Community


Tri-County SC lowered its unemployment rate to under 4% 

Success Story

Lorain County reskilled workers for employment in emerging industries

Success Story

Ohio workforce agencies boosted employment rates with ACT NCRC®

Community Collaboration for Economic Development

ACT WorkKeys for Successful Workforce Development

Businesses and workforce development agencies face skills gaps and challenges to fill jobs and retain employees and industries. These tools help you understand how the ACT® WorkKeys® system can be used in your workforce development programs and explain to businesses how WorkKeys can help them fill jobs more effectively. 

Success Stories


Tri-County SC brought $20M investment to the area

West Alabama education and workforce organizations worked together to support area job growth 

General Plug built a skilled talent pipeline through community collaboration

Reach Out to Your Job Seekers

How the ACT WorkKeys Assessments can work for you

How career readiness credentials help entire communities

Do you have the work skills most sought by employers?

Positive relationship between NCRC level and wages 

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