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  • Access live and recorded sessions online from any device for maximum flexibility
  • Gain confidence and get comfortable with the test format with real questions and sample materials from previous ACT tests

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Free Recorded Sessions

Refresh and refine your  skills in preparation for the ACT.  Each of these 75-minute sessions will cover the most relevant topics on the four sections of the ACT test, and give you an opportunity to put these concepts to use on ACT test-like questions.

Introduction to ACT Science

After attending the ACT Science lesson, you will be able to:

  • Build a passage roadmap to locate important reference
  • Recognize the application of the scientific method
  • Analyze values displayed in charts, graphs and tables
  • Read axes, units and values quickly and accurately

Watch the Introduction to ACT Science video.

Introduction to ACT Reading

After attending the ACT Reading lesson, you will be able to:

  • Build a passage roadmap to locate important references
  • Distinguish main ideas from supporting details
  • Make broad generalizations and inference from specific textual references

Watch the Introduction to ACT Reading video.

Introduction to ACT Math

After attending the ACT Math lesson, you will be able to:

  • Manipulate linear and quadratic equations
  • Use proportions, ratios and rates to calculate unknown values
  • Calculate the area of various polygons and circles
  • Use the properties and relations of geometric shapes to calculate unknown values

Watch the Introduction to ACT Math video.

Introduction to ACT English

After attending the ACT English lesson, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between correct and incorrect punctuation usage
  • Determine the appropriate verb tense and pronoun case in a given sentence
  • Ensure agreement between subjects and verbs, as well as pronouns and antecedents

Watch the Introduction to ACT English video.

Meet Your Instructors

Arthur Ahn

Arthur is one of Kaplan's most treasured teachers, having twice been named Kaplan Teacher of the Year. He has taught with Kaplan for more than 11 years, helping more than 5,000 students reach their test score goals. Previously Arthur has written curriculum and practice questions for Kaplan ACT courses, and trained and developed both new and veteran faculty. But Arthur's passion for student success brought him to the classroom. Arthur attended the University of Buffalo, majoring in Communications. In his leisure time, Arthur enjoys biking through the often-crowded streets of New York City for fun, watching his beloved New York Mets, and experimenting with various dinner recipes.

Boris Dvorkin

Boris graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2007 with a BA in English and a BS in computer science. After a brief stint in software development, Boris found a much happier home at Kaplan in 2008. He's been helping students achieve their dreams ever since. Starting out as a GRE teacher, Boris now teaches the GMAT, LSAT, SAT, and ACT. He has won two Teacher of the Year awards, trained and mentored teachers, and helped develop almost every course in the Kaplan catalog. Outside the classroom, Boris is a gamer at heart. He enjoys video games that don't involve dexterity, as well as complex strategy board games. If you've ever played Settlers of Catan or Hearthstone, you and Boris might have a lot in common.

Eli Schwartz

Eli started teaching for Kaplan in 2005, after finishing three Bachelor's programs simultaneously in 4 years of undergrad. No stranger to hard work, he quickly proved himself to be one of our highest performing teachers - earning awards for Teacher and Regional Trainer of the Year. He's since taught at Kaplan's elite Summer Intensive Program, become a master of working with Learning Science, and even had a direct hand crafting this ACT course. Elijah has moved completely into Live Online teaching because he wants to reach as many students as possible and help them achieve their dreams of a higher score. Since he teaches nearly every course that Kaplan offers (from pre-college up through medical), this means thousands of students a year are being helped!

Gene Suhir

A Kaplan teacher since 2005, Gene is a three-time recipient of the prestigious "Kaplan Teacher of the Year" honors.  Beginning with SAT, then moving on to teach GRE, GMAT, and LSAT, Gene is now returning to his pre-college test prep roots to help ACT students reach for the stars!  After graduating from the University of Maryland with a dual-degree in Political Science and Communications, Gene worked in radio in New York City for 3 years, so his broadcasting background makes his ACT classes entertaining as well as informative. Gene is an avid traveler, amateur magician, guitar player, and as you'll find out in his classes, Gene never met a pun he didn't like. 

Greg Mitchell

Greg graduated from the University of Michigan in 2001 with a BA in Economics and later from the University of Illinois School of Law. After a few years of practicing real estate law, Greg found his passion in 2007 - teaching for Kaplan. Starting out as an LSAT teacher, Greg soon began to teach GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT. He has won a Teacher of the Year award, trained and mentored teachers, and has had a hand in the creation of a number of products. In the past year, Greg has helped thousands of ACT students reach their goal score. Outside of the classroom, Greg spends most of his time with his three young children. Greg enjoys teaching them about adding, subtracting, and proper subject verb agreement.  Finally, Greg has been a nearly lifelong resident of Michigan, and there is nothing he enjoys more than exploring the lakes and untapped wilderness of the Michigan outdoors.  He is hoping to convince three little explorers to develop their passion for the outdoors as well.

Hannah Gist

Hannah graduated from Hillsdale College in 2007 with majors in History and Sociology and a minor in Classical Studies. She had planned to head straight for law school, but after a few detours, she ended up teaching an LSAT class for Kaplan. During her first class, Hannah immediately felt at home leading students to light bulb moments; and, she’s been loving it ever since. She finds teaching so rewarding that she added new types of tests—GRE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT—so she could reach more students. As a member of Kaplan’s training team, Hannah also supports other teachers. When she’s not teaching Kaplan students, you’ll probably find Hannah spending time with her daughters or cooking something delicious.

Heather Waite

Heather graduated from Indiana University in 2002 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.  After teaching Elementary School for many years, she was blessed with the opportunity to help older students succeed on their path to college.  She’s not looked back a day since joining the Kaplan team in 2009.  Heather began teaching SAT classes and has now helped thousands of students reach their goals on the ACT, SAT, PSAT, and GRE.  She not only teaches classes but also tutors individual students and helps with curriculum development projects.  When not teaching for Kaplan, she is busy homeschooling her three young children.  Heather is always looking for ways to make learning fun.  If you’ve ever wanted to speak in memes, you’ll get along with her famously! 

Jen Fletcher

Jen graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2000 with a degree in French, and began her Kaplan career as an undergraduate. After teaching SAT in the Norfolk, Virginia center, Jen moved to Paris where she taught SAT and picked up the GRE. Since the year 2000, Jen's only two years away from Kaplan were spent in Japan teaching English on the JET program. In 2004, she moved to New York City where she worked for Kaplan's Pre-College business development team, and also served as a Kaplan teacher trainer.  In 2006, Jen returned to her love of teaching Kaplan classes and now teaches exclusively online in Richmond, Virginia. She specializes in GRE and ACT programs, and is always looking to make the virtual environment feel as real as possible. Outside the classroom, Jen likes to travel, cycle, garden, and keep up on current events.  She's particularly partial to pet pictures, specifically pictures of pets in costume, or pets studying.

Kristen Russell

Kristen joined the Kaplan teaching team in 2008 after graduating from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. She went on to get a Masters in the same field and now works as a Clinical Engineer by day, while continuing to work with test prep students by night and weekend. As Kaplan Teacher of the Year in 2015 and based on numerous student ratings, she is one of the top teachers and is consistently praised by her students for making test prep fun. While it won't always be easy, Kristen likes to show her students a practical approach to the material. In her downtime, Kristen enjoys exploring her new home in New Orleans, reading, playing golf, and hanging with her three dogs and two cats!

Nzinga Mack

Nzinga is a veteran Kaplan instructor who has personally lead thousands of students towards test day success. She teaches a wide variety of exams including the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, DAT/OAT, PCAT and MCAT. She was selected from Kaplan teachers nationwide to present on the MCAT and SAT channels, which potentially reach every single Kaplan student that signs up to take the MCAT and the SAT respectively. She is consistently among the most highly rated instructors (by students). Students also consistently praise Nzinga for being an engaging, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and genuinely caring instructor. She is a lifelong teacher, and teaching high school biology was one of her favorite experiences. She graduated from Howard University with a BS in Biology and is currently researching novel cancer therapies as a PhD candidate in Pharmacology at Florida A&M University. Outside of the classroom and lab, you can find her on a tennis court, on a biking trail or in a pool.

Stephanie Jolly

Stephanie is an alumna of the University of Kentucky and NYU, with a BA in Anthropology, BS degrees in Biology and Nutrition/Dietetics, and an MA in Food Studies. She joined Kaplan in 2012 as an ACT instructor and hasn't looked back. In addition to teaching all the pre-college tests, Stephanie has written science content for several Kaplan products, led faculty workshops for new and veteran teachers, taught courses in Mexico, Oman and Doha - most notably as summer faculty at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar - and helped countless students along their paths to collegiate success. When she's not teaching, Stephanie heads for the hills - literally! A Pacific Northwest native, she is most comfortable on a hiking trail and remains adamant that there is - in fact - an appropriate time to wear socks and sandals simultaneously. 

Steve Snyder

Stephen received his BA in Creative Writing from Elon College in 2000. He began teaching with Kaplan in 2005, originally starting out on the LSAT but quickly moving onto the GRE, GMAT, SAT and ACT as well. His various awards with Kaplan include Manhattan Teacher of the Year for GRE/GMAT. In 2009 he participated in the pilot program for the Kaplan Live Online course, becoming one of the first Kaplan instructors to teach over the internet. Additionally, he's contributed content for many Kaplan courses as well as appeared in numerous instructional and promotional videos. He's currently working on his MFA in Creative Writing fiction at Brooklyn College. 

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  • Android 4.4 or later (up to and including 7)
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