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Introducing: ACT Section Retesting, ACT Superscoring, and Faster Results with ACT Online Testing on National Test Dates

Beginning with the September 2020 national test date, you will have more choices and greater confidence that your ACT test scores best reflect your hard work, overall academic achievement, and potential for success throughout your life. 


Single Section Retesting

That’s right, once you have taken the full ACT, you will be able to retake just one (or two or three) section(s) at a time! This will allow you to showcase the skills and accomplishments gained over time, not only your test-taking abilities on one particular day. 

Report Your Superscore

Superscoring is the process of averaging your four best individual subject scores from all ACT test attempts to find a new score… a superscore. If you have taken the full ACT more than once or participated in section retests, you can directly submit your ACT superscore to colleges and universities, which will better reflect your knowledge and achievements.


Faster Results with Online Testing

You will be able to choose between online testing and traditional paper testing on national test days in test centers across the country. In addition, if you choose online testing, you will get scores back in as soon as two days, which means you will be able to make more informed decisions about your future, faster. 

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