Take the ACT Online

ACT Online Testing - A New Option for Taking the ACT Test

Embrace the flexibility of choosing a testing format that aligns with your comfort zone and showcases your true potential.

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What’s staying the same?

Everything you know about the ACT is staying the same whether you test using paper or test on a computer. No matter which way you want to take it, the ACT is still: 

A comprehensive college readiness test that includes a STEM score.

Based on your high school curriculum.

An opportunity to qualify for scholarships.

An effective tool to help ensure you are placed in the right classes in college.


The length of the ACT will also be the same regardless of test format. And your score reports aren’t changing either. 

What’s changing? It’s simple.


We're now offering you a choice between testing formats: paper and pencil or online testing. This means you can maximize your performance and confidence by taking the ACT in the way that feels best for you. 

Enhanced Accessibility

An online option allows us to provide additional accessibility features, including support for screen reader users, text-to-speech functionality, zoom, and answer masking. These are not "features" for many of our students, but necessities for equal access.  By offering an online option, we are able to help more students meet their goals for academic and career success.


What are some advantages of online testing?

The main advantage of online testing is that you have a choice in how you test. There are some additional advantages to taking the online test, too: 

  • Your testing experience can align with your test prep experience. Many of our test prep options, including free practice exams, offer online components, so sitting down with a computer at a test center on test day will feel similar to preparing at home. 
  • You may have taken the ACT online as part of school-day testing. If you have, you will experience many similarities if you take the national online test option.
  • With online testing, students have already noticed enhancements like seamless pacing, improved efficiency, and streamlined essay writing.

Learn more about the ACT test online in this blog post from ACT CEO Janet Godwin. She writes about how ACT is evolving to meet the needs of our students by providing students with choice, flexibility, and accessibility. Get the scoop on what’s changing, what’s staying the same, and what that means for you. 

ACT Online Testing FAQs

Starting February 2024, ACT will offer an online testing option at select locations nationwide. Explore online test availability in your region and register today.

If you select “Computer” during registration, you will be able to find test centers that are offering the online ACT test. These centers will provide the devices for you to test with; you will not be able to bring or use your personal device to take the ACT.

Yes. ACT wants to ensure you have options when it comes to your preferred test format.

Yes. You will have until the late registration deadline to make changes to your test format, for a fee. You will not be able to change your desired test format at the test center on test day.

No. The online ACT is not available as a “remote” exam and must be taken on a test center-managed device at your chosen test center. If an accommodation is needed for an alternate location (i.e. hospital, etc.), please review our accommodations policies

Yes. Whether you choose to test online or using the paper version, your cost will be the same.

Yes. Students who also qualify for a fee waiver for paper-based testing will qualify for, and be able to use, the same fee waiver for the online format.

You will still be able to bring your own permitted calculator to the test center regardless of your test format. A built-in calculator application is also available.

We offer many online test prep options that will help you simulate taking the ACT on a computer. These options are available within MyACT.org. If you are interested in more robust test prep, you’ll also be able to download a tutorial video that will walk you through the online testing platform. Don’t forget other essential tips like getting a good night’s sleep and eating breakfast before your test.

Yes. To learn more about our testing accommodations, please review our accommodations policies. There will also be accessibility tools built into the software to help with your online testing experience. The following accessibility supports will be available to all students:

  • Choice of colors and color contrast 
  • Magnification 
  • Line reader tool (mimics straight edge used in paper testing for visual tracking) 
  • Highlight text or parts of an item 
  • Answer-masking or custom masking 
  • Mark an item for review 
  • Option eliminator 
  • Indicator of time remaining 
  • Online calculator 

If you are a person with a disability or an English Learner who needs additional supports, please respond “Yes” during registration in MyACT.org when asked if you need accommodations or language supports to access the test. Then work with your school official to request authorization from ACT.

If the computer you are on experiences difficulties on test day that cannot be easily or quickly resolved by the testing staff, they may be able to move you to a new testing device. If a new device is unable to resolve the issue, your test center will let ACT know, and ACT will work with your test center for rescheduled testing.

Chromebooks and Windows desktops and laptops will be supported first. We are investigating support for other platforms, such as Apple devices, in the future.

The admission ticket policy is not changing. We recommend bringing your ticket, because it will contain critical information that will help you log in to the test platform on test day. While you won’t be turned away for not bringing your ticket, you will still need to bring an acceptable form of identification.

We’ll be adding information to this site as updates become available. We also keep all students and their champions up to date via monthly newsletters, test registration reminders, and other helpful communications. Want to stay in the loop? Sign up for test registration reminders or explore our resources.