8 Reasons to Choose the ACT Test

Preparing to test or retest soon?

STEM Readiness

The ACT® test is the only admissions test to measure science skills, includinga STEM score to let you know if you are ready for a STEM major.


Taking the ACT® test can increase your chances of earning new or better scholarships.

You've already been studying for the ACT for years

The test is designed so by the end of your junior year, you've likely covered all the material that you will see on the test.

More opportunity

Many colleges and universities require or consider college entrance scores as part of a holistic admissions process.

English Learner Support

The ACT® test is the only college entrance exam that provides support to English learners on national test dates.

You can use your calculator for the whole math test—we don't mind

ACT lets you use your calculator for the entire math section! That is not true on the SAT.

Prep for all learning styles

ACT offers test prep programs with live video lessons, interactive practice questions, full-length practice tests, and on-demand tutorials. 

College and Career Planning

The ACT includes an education and career planning section to help you plan for life after high school.