PreACT Communication Toolkit

Communication Tools for Offering the PreACT at School

Your district or school offers PreACT® Assessments during the school day. How do you announce, promote, and give free student resources leading up to the testing date?  Use the links below to download shareables to plug into your communication channels.  

Why Take the PreACT

Grab these links and use in your newsletters, websites, and emails.

Announce and Promote In-School PreACT Test Dates

Use our prewritten letters/emails, and graphics.

Shareables to Help Students Prepare

Share these links throughout the year to get learners ready. 

PreACT Social Posts

Download these premade posts for your channels.


Suggested Post:

PreACT school testing will be on [insert test date]. Your ACT score will help show what you have learned and make your college application stand out from the crowd. 

Images for Social Posts:

Facebook or Twitter - Download Image


Suggested Post:

Check “Yes” on EOS to let scholarship agencies and colleges discover you early. 

Images for Social Post:

Facebook or Twitter - Download Image


Suggested Post:

Plan your future: PreACT results provide a wealth of information to help plan your future 

Images for Social Post:

Facebook or Twitter - Download Image

A Prebuilt Campaign Checklist for School Day Testing

A suggested timeline with tactics aligned to links and resources above. 

Eight Months Out:

  • Share with your students the ACT D2L blog that will help get them excited about their future!
  • Send the ACT Navigator to your parents. It includes timely and actionable steps through the junior and senior years of high school, organized by season, to help them stay on track. 

Four Months Out:

  • Post the date on your school website with links to student resources 
  • Send Emails/Letters to students and families (copy available above) 
  • Announce the date in your school newsletter 
  • Post a “Save the Date” on social and in-school signage 

Three Months Out

Two Months Out

  • Link to the library of articles and resources for college and career readiness 
  • Put posters up around the school 
  • Use social posts to promote the date 

One Month Out

Test Day

  • Welcome and Encouragement Messages on school monitors 
  • Have a College and Career Readiness Day Kickoff 
  • Consider a community partner to provide a meal or snacks 

Post Test

Faculty and Staff PreACT Resources 

At a Glance

Eight Months Out - Send the student blog and ACT Navigator to your students and parents.

Four Months Out - Announce the PreACT Assessment date.

Three Months Out - Introduce free testing resources for students.

Two Months Out - Build excitement and reinforce the value of participating.

One Month Out - Last-minute tips and tricks.

Test Day - Provide a welcoming environment.

Post-Test - Celebrate and find insights in results

Resources - Tools for faculty and staff