Ways Students Can Take the ACT Test

Across the U.S., colleges and universities still value the insights provided by ACT® test scores—using them for admission, placement, and scholarship decisions. 

National Test Dates 

Students can register to take the ACT at open test centers across the country. Register for an upcoming test.

ACT District Testing Program 

Paid for by the school or district, the ACT District Testing Program provides your students with the opportunity to take an official ACT test administration during regular school hours on a weekday. Contact your school to learn more about ACT testing opportunities in your district. 

State Testing

If your district doesn’t provide the test, your state may fund an official ACT test administration at schools during regular school hours on a weekday. Details for each state vary. Contact your district to learn more about the testing opportunities in your state.

On-Campus Testing 

On-campus testing enables colleges to proctor and score the ACT on campus, any day of the week. Results are only valid at the college that administers the exam. Contact your college to learn more about on-campus testing opportunities.