Parent Notifications

Email is an important communication link between the examinee and ACT. We will send messages to the examinee’s email address, order confirmations, test center alerts, and other important notifications. By providing a parent or guardian email address, they will also receive messages sent to the examinee and will be contacted in accordance with the ACT Privacy Policy.

The examinee must log in to the account to take any action requested in the email. Emails may contain sensitive information about the examinee and the examinee’s ACT record. Only a trusted parent or guardian should be registered to receive these emails.

Once the parent or guardian email address has been entered, they must confirm they want to receive these emails. If a confirmation is not submitted, they will not receive notifications. The examinee will also be notified.

To avoid losing messages to spam filters, the following email addresses should be added to the parent or guardian’s address book: