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ACT, College Board Released New Concordance Tables

As a K-12 counselor and/or educator, you can use the new concordance tables to aggregate scores across tests to measure college readiness for groups of students. But more importantly, you can use the tables to help students and families determine eligibility for scholarships or likelihood of acceptance into a college or university.

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Find paths to education after high school by checking yes for the ACT Educational Opportunity Service when you register.

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Do your best on the ACT and unlock your potential for more opportunities – choose between several resources that can help you prep for the ACT:  

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Broaden your ways to pay for college by checking yes for the ACT Educational Opportunity Service when you register. 

Advice from Admissions Officials to Help You Prepare Your Students for College

How can you help students open doors to potential careers? What matters most in a student’s application packet? Are there advantages to
going to a community college?

These questions, and others, were answered when ACT asked five admissions officials what advice they had for counselors like you.

The types of courses students take in high school can prepare them for college.

There are many advantages to going to a Community College.

A couple ways to open doors for students to potential careers.

How to bring down student stress levels when they’re worried about college

The truth about Community Colleges that may surprise you.